Karlas Luxe Necklaces

Our Karlas Luxe Collection is the epitome of “classic modern”. A fusion of exceptional stones, brilliant metals, and meticulous artisan craftsmanship; these pieces are truly timeless treasures! At Karlas, we believe jewelry is a thread that connects people and moments across generations and our hope is that these pieces do just that for years to come. 
 Go on & live your best Luxe life!
45 results
Harley Necklace
From $420.00
Drew Necklace
From $140.00
Jake Necklace
From $168.00
Shane Necklace
From $120.00
Tye Lock Necklace
From $180.00
Luna Necklace
From $140.00
Sold Out
Sold Out
Joe Necklace
From $198.00
45 results